Party at Lakis Areena

Lakis Areena is located near the beautiful slopes of Lakeaharju. The slopes were created when a meteorite hit the ground, as a result of which a mountain range rose on the eastern shore of the current Lappajärvi. Shaped by the ice age, the current rock formation rises about 160 meters above sea level.

Weddings, meetings, family celebrations and birthdays are also possible in Lakis Areena's premises. The windows offer views of both the slopes and the lake. The banquet hall is suitable for 150 people with dinner tables and up to 300 people without table groups.

Lakis Areena has a free space of more than 300 m², plus a bar, a stage and a break room for the performers, which is about 100 m².

The parking lot is right next to the arena and there is definitely room for everyone.

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