Lakis Areena  can be rented for various purposes such as weddings, family celebrations, birthdays, etc.


The Lakis area has excellent accommodation and recreational opportunities.


Lakis Areena hosts dances and concerts for all tastes.

Lakis Areena at the center of events

A new village hall was built in Vimpeli's Lakeaharju, which was completed in the summer of 2021. Lakis Areena serves as a venue for events and gatherings of the village club and the surrounding area. In addition, Lakis Areena complements the hobby and recreation activities concentrated in the Lakeaharju area. Lakis Areena offers comfortable meeting and maintenance facilities for organizing public events and private events.

Lakis Areena is rented for various events. Reservations can be found in the events calendar and the price list here.

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